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borderThe theme of my painting is flowers.

  • I paint, not cut flowers but flowers lively growing out of the ground. Under those flowers is always there the earth of rich soil, beyond which abundant nature expands. Their roots spread and the plants suck moisture and energy in through their roots. And when the time comes, their flowers finally come out and happily bloom. Those flowers are the theme of my painting.

  • In my works the wind blows. The north wind, a breeze or a whirlwind. The flowers tremble in the wind and feel at a loss and whisper one another. Sometimes the buds are almost torn away by the strong wind but after those hardships they bloom beautifully and bear seeds and then die. The same as our people’s lives, aren’t they? Every flower I paint is the other self of mine. The wind could be a kind of trial for the flowers to go through to be stronger.
  • I paint flowers.
    I would be very happy if you could feel the energy from the earth, the Wind, the air and my respect
    and gratitude for Nature in my works.




Japanese painter of the nihonga